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A renovated apartment in New York City after The Expert consultation sessions with designers Jessica Gersten and Athena Calderone. The Expert Aside from bingeing Netflix, creating the picture-perfect home may have been the pandemic’s most popular habit. Whether it’s organizing a pantry or adding on a home office, gym or spa-like bathroom, homeowners have been
The financial pain of shelling out sky-high rent is a reality for many, with median prices in some U.S. metro areas at nearly $3,000 a month. Yet, in certain metros among the country’s 50 largest markets, renters can still find relative affordability, according to a Monthly Rental Report. Oklahoma City is the only metro
Topline U.S. homeowners have lost a staggering $2.3 trillion in market value since June as higher interest rates drive down demand in the formerly red-hot housing market, and many economists predict the decline will continue throughout the year, as mortgage costs remain elevated and keep sidelining potential buyers. Key Facts The total value of U.S.
Topline Prospective home buyers are once again starting to shy away from buying a house as stubbornly high inflation readings push mortgage rates to the highest level since November—spurring a renewed slump in home-buying demand as experts caution the housing market’s recovery will be highly contingent on how quickly the economy can tame rising prices.
Topline The number of homes scooped up by investors fell at a record pace last quarter amid higher mortgage rates and forecasts calling for substantial declines in home prices—further clouding the outlook for real estate investing but a positive development for potential home buyers looking to reap the benefits of falling housing prices. Key Facts